Ice Cream Sale

Yes, it is Monday. Yes, it is my sister-in-law’s birthday (happy birthday Judy!). And, yes, it is the 31st of the month. Why does the 31st of each month excite me so? Because Baskin Robbins has scoops of ice cream for only $1.99 each every month that ends in 31.

If I start soon, I may make it through all of their 31-derful flavors (although they have more now).

Nitrogen Ice Cream, Oh Yeah!

ALM_StoreAs I mentioned in my last post, I visited the Lincoln Memorial Shrine in Redlands, CA over the President’s holiday weekend. After rummaging through interesting artifacts and listening to historical accounts of the formation of this great country of ours, I needed…ice cream! As you all know by now, ice cream is a key component in my healthy lifestyle. It promotes strong bones (via calcium), fresh fruit (if I choose say, strawberry), and flavanols (if I choose say, mint chocolate chip). Thankfully we were clued in by locals to a la minute hand crafted ice cream.

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Strawberry Ice Cream Delight

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATwo things I love deeply: ice cream and my husband. So, in honor of my husband returning from a two week visit to see his family in Finland, I made him ice cream. Specifically strawberry with dark chocolate chips ice cream, yum! Another happy celebration is that this palate pleaser coincides with the latest Cooks in the Kitchen challenge.

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Coolhaus Ice Cream & Happiness

CoolhausMagCook                                                             edible wrapper                                  

My one year wedding anniversary is this weekend! Where did the time go? I am so thankful for the blessing of my husband (aka Space Man). He is the smile in my world and helps make our life together one great, big adventure. Another wonderful thing about him is that he enjoys good ice cream. For our wedding reception we had ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus’ truck instead of the traditional wedding cake (although we did have a small cake for cutting and pictures). Let me just say one thing, “Yum!”

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