Chocolate, It’s Good for the Brain

As I sat plucking another chocolate into my mouth thinking, “Can this be good for me?”, the answer screamed back at me in black and white, “Yes!”


According to a study presented at the British Psychological Society, volunteers who binged on chocolate had significant gains in their ease of doing mathematical tasks. They were also less tired and mentally drained. The reason was the flavanols, part of a chemical group called polypherols. These chemicals are found in chocolate and increase the flow of blood to the brain.

“What a lovely study,” I thought as I easily, and with great energy, counted how many chocolate bits I had just enjoyed.

3 thoughts on “Chocolate, It’s Good for the Brain

  1. LOL!!… Well, I can’t thank you enough for sharing this bit of scientific data. I am trying to eat healthy these days… I suppose I really should start adding more chocolate to my diet. After all, how can you cut out a food that’s been shown to “increase the flow of blood to the brain”. Well, you can’t, that’s all. (nom, nom, nom… ;o)

    • Yes, indeed! Granted I am not a doctor, but it seems irresponsible to deny your body what it needs to succeed. 🙂

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