Industriel Strength Food

industrielfrontThis past weekend Spaceman and I celebrated my friend’s birthday in the best way possible, by sharing a meal together! This is an age-old tradition that is one of the best ways to show how dear someone is to you – and who am I to buck tradition? We celebrated at a Los Angeles eatery of her choice named Industriel.

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Sushi, Fingers or Chopsticks?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs you all know, I am a lover of food  — almost all types. Recently I was reminiscing about the delights of sushi and how it is, for me, a finger food. This lead me to do some investigating. Here are some curious tidbits I found:

  • Even though most people in the U.S. use chopsticks to eat sushi, it’s traditionally eaten with the fingers.
  • Sushi caught on originally as a cheap, quick snack to eat with the hands while enjoying a theater performance.

Things to ponder when you next sit down to a plate of this delight, enjoy!


Easy Caprese Salad Bowl Recipe

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALong live the tomato! It’s a wonderful fruit which offers many health benefits including better heart health, better skin texture, cancer fighting agents, better sleep, and less chance of depression (my beloved gobbles up a tomato every morning and he has skin like a child and a curiously happy disposition – hmmm, coincidence?). So when this month’s food challenge for Cooks in the Kitchen was the tomato, I was “in” and ready to throw down my recipe. It’s easy, fast, and quite tasty. Let’s go…

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Jeannine’s for Breakfast in Montecito, California

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy honey and I were visiting Montecito for my niece’s wedding recently and had the good fortune to eat at Jeannine’s Restaurant and Bakery. To say their french toast is good would be like saying Van Gogh had some nice paintings. This place has french toast like no other!

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Wine Shop at Lake Mission Viejo

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA Hidden Vine on the Lake wine shop at Lake Mission Viejo is one of my favorite destinations, even though I am not much of a drinker. Three reasons (other than the obvious robust selection of wines) for this are:

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‘Daily Dose’ in Downtown Los Angeles

DailyDoseAlleyAlong a winding alleyway in the midst of downtown Los Angeles’ hustle and bustle, lies The Daily Dose. With 100% certified organic food available and a myriad of coffee drinks at the ready, this spot boasts a charming and energetic atmosphere.

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Royalty Food in Studio City

RoyaltyOutsideIn an odd little corner in Studio City, next to a gas station and just a few blocks from CBS Studio Center sits Royalty Juice Bar and Cafe. It took me a couple of passes in my car before I realized this was the place I had been looking for after hearing about the delicious sandwiches and juices this family-owned store creates.

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Going Vegan in Ojai, California

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, as those who know me know, I am not a big vegan person. I love my meats, fish, dairy, all of it. However, my husband likes to go on these fasts where he will only eat vegan. Being the doting wife (or maybe it’s because we are still in year one of our marriage), I try to accommodate him and do the same (or at least until we pass an ice cream store). This is how we came to visit Hip Vegan Cafe in Ojai, California.

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Heart-Healthy Elixir in Ojai


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALooking for a heart-healthy day trip that is a short (and scenic depending on your route) drive from Los Angeles, California? Head to Ojai! Nestled in the rustic hills of this laid-back community is Ojai Olive Oil Company, a family owned and operated fully organic and sustainable treasure.

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Craving pizza?

Ah, back to a post on my beloved topic…food!

On a recent trip to Palm Desert, my husband and I stopped in at our local, favorite pizza spot, Billy Q’s. It is one of the few pizza establishments that can still be called a “neighborhood joint”…don’t let the lack of a neighborhood confuse you. As the wafts of delicious pizza smells greet you at the door, one of the staff gives you a friendly “hello” and suddenly you feel like a regular who has just dropped in for a bite at their friend’s place.


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