Abraham Lincoln Memorial Shrine in Redlands, CA

Lincoln_BustAh, the joys of a long holiday weekend! Having our original plans dashed last-minute, Spacecowboy and I quickly researched and scheduled some spontaneity. Yes, I realize that sounds like a contradiction “scheduling spontaneity” which it is, but my sweet husband craves structure so we re-grouped and headed out to honor one of our country’s most beloved presidents (on Valentine’s Day no less), President Abraham Lincoln at his Memorial Shrine in Redlands, CA. I had learned of this spot a few months earlier and had been hankering (love this word!) for a visit ever since.

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Best Skin Care Travel Kit


In case you haven’t heard, skin care while traveling can be tricky. The airplanes with their wonky air, lack of sleep due to time changes, differences in water while visiting new cities or countries all add up to a lot of fatigue for your skin. To the rescue, intraceuticals rejuvenate travel pack.

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Free Self-Guided Bus Tours in Perth, Australia

Perth is a beautiful, vibrant coastal city with a population of roughly 1.9 million people. It watches over the Indian Ocean and is the capital city of the Australian state of Western Australia.

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