It’s a Wrap!

Wrap_CoverI really enjoy a good wrap whether it be food, blankets, sweaters, scarves…almost anything except rap music. I haven’t found my groove with that art form yet. Anyway, I wanted to share my latest wrap sandwich recipe with you all. It is fast, easy and tastes delicious.

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Yum to Mendocino Market and Deli!

My husband and I took a road trip up the coast of California recently, as all respectable Californians must do, and turned off Highway 1 into the artsy town of Mendocino. It felt good to stretch my legs as we walked the town streets. We passed teenagers flirting with one another, a dog fast asleep in the sun while on guard duty in front of the millinery shop, and artists discussing the latest openings dressed in tie-dye while checking their iPhone…you’ve got to love California!

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