Polo, in the Desert?

Polo_Field_LargeThe desert is known for many things — sun bathing, little water, golf…but polo? Yes, it is! There is a beautiful and robust polo scene going on just outside Palm Springs in Indio, CA, at the Empire Polo Club.

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Flashes in the Night – It’s a Star Party!

CombineFilesExcAvg_trial2                                                             Orion Nebula

In the frosty late night air of Palm Desert (at least in the fall/winter/early spring months) and the sparsely populated town of Mountain Center in the desperately dark Santa Rosa Mountains (utilized in the late spring/summer months), telescopes are set up in dark parking lots and night prowlers roam the grounds looking for the first big, “Wow!”. Red lights blink on and off sporadically to usher groups in the right direction. Sounds like the start of a Hollywood film, right? No! It’s the monthly star party put on by the Astronomical Society of the Desert (ASOD).

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A Prickly Stop in the Desert

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACactus (noun) is defined as “a succulent plant with a thick, fleshy stem that typically bears spines, lacks leaves, and has brilliantly colored flowers” (this sounds strangely similar to some Hollywood characters I have met, but I digress).  This definition only scratches the surface of these fascinating plants and lacks the depth of beauty and variety these beautiful, unusual, and quirky plants offer. To experience that, head over to Moorten’s Botanical Garden founded in 1938 in Palm Springs, California.

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Craving pizza?

Ah, back to a post on my beloved topic…food!

On a recent trip to Palm Desert, my husband and I stopped in at our local, favorite pizza spot, Billy Q’s. It is one of the few pizza establishments that can still be called a “neighborhood joint”…don’t let the lack of a neighborhood confuse you. As the wafts of delicious pizza smells greet you at the door, one of the staff gives you a friendly “hello” and suddenly you feel like a regular who has just dropped in for a bite at their friend’s place.


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