Goofy in Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii_GoofyIt’s my birthday and I am feeling a bit “goofy” which brought me back to a delicious spot to eat on the island of Oahu in Hawaii near Honolulu, Goofy Cafe & Dine.

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Mendocino Farms, El Segundo — Yum!

Mendocino_CowFood, a necessary and precious commodity — and one I happen to love (sometimes too much it seems as my buttons are getting tighter).

Because there is only so much space in my stomach, it is important where I choose to take my meals. Thankfully there are places such as Mendocino Farms in El Segundo, CA.

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Amara Kitchen — A New Standard for Lunch in Los Angeles

Amara_WindowIn a nondescript section of Avenue 64 in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles, a new standard for lunch has arrived cushioned within the walls of Amara Kitchen.

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Nitrogen Ice Cream, Oh Yeah!

ALM_StoreAs I mentioned in my last post, I visited the Lincoln Memorial Shrine in Redlands, CA over the President’s holiday weekend. After rummaging through interesting artifacts and listening to historical accounts of the formation of this great country of ours, I needed…ice cream! As you all know by now, ice cream is a key component in my healthy lifestyle. It promotes strong bones (via calcium), fresh fruit (if I choose say, strawberry), and flavanols (if I choose say, mint chocolate chip). Thankfully we were clued in by locals to a la minute hand crafted ice cream.

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‘Daily Dose’ in Downtown Los Angeles

DailyDoseAlleyAlong a winding alleyway in the midst of downtown Los Angeles’ hustle and bustle, lies The Daily Dose. With 100% certified organic food available and a myriad of coffee drinks at the ready, this spot boasts a charming and energetic atmosphere.

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It’s a date!

Two of my husband’s favorite things are dates (the fruit) and hot weather. Being from Finland, he says his bones are still trying to thaw out. That explains our “exploration” drive through Desert Hot Springs a few months back.

As I smashed my face as close as possible to the cool air shooting from my side of the car’s air conditioning vent, he happily tapped along to the radio and periodically pointed out different vistas in the ever heating desert scape. Suddenly, perhaps because my face was only inches from the windshield or maybe because of my eagle eye for anything food related, I spotted a small sign for dates with an arrow pointing down a quiet road. We decided to explore and how wonderful that we did!


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