Goodbye Dad, I Will Love You Forever

It’s hard to believe that in just under six weeks I have lost two incredibly important men in my life – one somewhat expected, the other a complete surprise. Continue reading

Two Years After Goodbye

Today is the second anniversary of my mom’s death. It is interesting the skills you sharpen after saying “goodbye” and what a gift they are. Here are two big gifts (for two years), when looking back, I realize I gained from my mom Two Years After Goodbye.

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Doubting Thomas

StainGlassBookHow great it is to have the doubters of this world, a plethora of doubting Thomases! It is through their careful examination and reflection that we have learned, discovered, and reasoned a multitude of things. This term is widely used to describe a person who demands proof before he/she will believe something, but people rarely think about its origin. Seeing it is the start of the Lenten season for Christians, it is the perfect time to discuss the origins of the term “Doubting Thomas.”

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