5 Reasons to Visit Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky

To me Kentucky is known for two things: horses and bourbon. I have talked some about the horse scene here, but bourbon is a true beauty too…at least at Buffalo Trace Distillery it is.

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Mint Julep? Yes Please!

The time is drawing near when racetracks around the country will raise a Mint Julep in solidarity with those at Churchill Downs for the annual Run for the Roses at the Kentucky Derby.

Mint_Julep_im_Silberbecher                                (image courtesy of Cocktailmarlar via wikipedia)

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Mai Tai Drinker, or Not?

Mai_Tai_DrinkSome people can drink and some people, well, can’t. My husband (beloved Spaceman) hopelessly falls into the latter category. He swears he is better at handling a drink (as in one drink because more than one is risky…for everyone!) when he has had food. Um, really? I’d like to present exhibit A: my birthday celebration at the Mai Tai Bar at The Royal Hawaiian in Waikiki, Hawaii, and let you decide: Mai Tai drinker, or not?

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