The Line Hotel Los Angeles

Koreatown, an area slightly west of downtown Los Angeles, is trending right now in a big way. There are some highly rated restaurants, independent theaters, and sleek hotels that have energized the area. One such hotel is The Line Hotel Los Angeles.

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The Los Angeles Flower Mart – Dazzling in Downtown!

FlowersOne of the definitions of the word flower means “the finest individuals out of a number of people or things”. Although I realize not everyone thinks of flowers as individuals, I disagree as I happen to talk with them, laugh with them and genuinely enjoy their company. Needing a fix of my colorful and sweet-smelling friends, I headed out to the Los Angeles Flower Mart in downtown LA.

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Industriel Strength Food

industrielfrontThis past weekend Spaceman and I celebrated my friend’s birthday in the best way possible, by sharing a meal together! This is an age-old tradition that is one of the best ways to show how dear someone is to you – and who am I to buck tradition? We celebrated at a Los Angeles eatery of her choice named Industriel.

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Perch Yourself on top of Los Angeles

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is something so special about a lunch date with a small group of close girlfriends. This past weekend I left my husband happily watching a hockey (or was it football) game at home and met some of my good girlfriends at Perch Los Angeles, a restaurant in the heart of downtown.

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The Last Bookstore Los Angeles

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn an era of declining number of traditional bookstores, The Last Bookstore stands proud in an obscure building of downtown Los Angeles. This place is easily overlooked as you walk along the “up-and-coming” neighborhoods of downtown — meaning this area can be a bit grimy.

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It’s a Grand Day at Grand Central Market Los Angeles

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWithin the interlacing streets of downtown Los Angeles lies Grand Central Market, a warehouse style building filled with various food stalls and bustling eateries. The day my husband and I visited was a particularly hot day in the city. We had taken the metro downtown and walked to the market. By the time we arrived at our destination, I was getting a bit weary of the city “perfume” shall we call it and ready to eat (go figure!). To my delight, we were surrounded by a bounty of food options. Our three favorites were (in no particular order):

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‘Daily Dose’ in Downtown Los Angeles

DailyDoseAlleyAlong a winding alleyway in the midst of downtown Los Angeles’ hustle and bustle, lies The Daily Dose. With 100% certified organic food available and a myriad of coffee drinks at the ready, this spot boasts a charming and energetic atmosphere.

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P-Day = Pie (not President’s) Day

The President’s Day celebration weekend is only hours away. Hmmm, what would be a fitting American way to celebrate? Let’s eat some pie! There is a wonderful spot in downtown Los Angeles called The Pie Hole that can accommodate your pie craving, whether sweet or savory.

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Upscale Downtown Groceries

Let’s get one thing straight, I LOVE food!!! With that in mind, it was to my great delight that I was introduced to the new “grocery” store in downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District, Urban Radish. I have grocery in quotes because it is so much more than your standard grocery store. The walls of glass let the sunshine stream through to their rustic display of local organic produce, artisan cheeses and sustainable meats. If you find yourself drooling over the food selection, meander over to the robust choice of lotions and soaps. If you happened to drool onto your shirt, they also sell detergent for laundry…a true one-stop shop!


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