Free Hollywood Adventures

“And the Oscar goes to…” that is what many of us will be listening and waiting to see this coming Sunday evening at the 89th Academy Award Show. With all of its glamour and pomp, living the Hollywood experience seems out-of-reach to many of us. However, you can get into the spirit by visiting these free attractions in and around Hollywood,

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Valentine’s Day

This is a day that conjures strong emotions be it love, hate, rigid indifference, saturated marketing campaigns…whatever your present situation, I hope you enjoy the day.

Here are some qualities to consider when choosing your Valentine, are they

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Rainbow, Did You Know?

So, it is still raining in California…unbelievable and delightful!

One of the most beautiful things about rain is its rainbows. They are magic colored stripes in the sky that capture our imagination…promising us that the world will once again be beautiful and that the skies are full of fascinating wonders.

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Top Santa Barbara Lunch Spot

SB_EateryAll this rain we are having in California has left me soggy. Even though I know we need this rain with our severe drought years in the running, it has nevertheless left me dreaming of sunnier days. One such day was spent at the delicious Benchmark Eatery in Santa Barbara, California.

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Norwegian Klippfisk

Norway_Klippfisk_1.jpgName that fish. Well, you have a bit of a head start as it is in the title of this post, but go for it — yes, Norwegian klippfisk! Norwegian klippfisk is a dried, salted cod that is the old/new darling of northwest Norway. It was also once one of Norway’s most important exports.

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Pipe Dreams, Fun Facts, and 2017

sunset_cactus_2Happy New Year! The first full week of 2017 is quickly coming to a close. This is the time many people reflect on the past year and strategize for the year to come. Dreams are sharpened and brought into focus…even if some are thought to be “pipe dreams”. What exactly are pipe dreams you ask?

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