Ice Cream Sale

Yes, it is Monday. Yes, it is my sister-in-law’s birthday (happy birthday Judy!). And, yes, it is the 31st of the month. Why does the 31st of each month excite me so? Because Baskin Robbins has scoops of ice cream for only $1.99 each every month that ends in 31.

If I start soon, I may make it through all of their 31-derful flavors (although they have more now).

Face-Off Chicken Salad

That’s right…it is hockey playoff time! My two favorite teams, Anaheim and Nashville, are battling for the Western Conference Championship with the winner leading us to the Stanley Cup Finals. I feel like a dirty mistress as I am rooting for Nashville even though Anaheim has been my steady partner for years now.

Needing a healthy, quick, easy meal that may be eaten in front of the television without mess for game nights, here is my Face-Off Chicken Salad solution…

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Poppy Cakes Baking Company, Sierra Madre

Time flies when you’re having fun, and it has been flying lately. That has kept me from getting to share some good stuff with you, but I am here now to tell you about Poppy Cakes Baking Company, a sweet little cafe in Sierra Madre, CA.

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Best Greek Food in Fullerton, CA, Kentro Greek Kitchen

White walls trimmed in blue paint accompanied by posters of Greek Isles is what the majority of Greek restaurants use to signal “Hey, you’re in a Greek restaurant so get ready…” “Ready for what?” is the question Spaceman and I often ask. Kentro Greek Kitchen in Fullerton, California, answered with a resounding, “Yum!”

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Easy, Healthy, Quick Pasta Salad

I really do not care for lettuce. I realize it comes in a variety of choices, but I have yet to find one I crave. Granted I eat lettuce because it is good for me, but, when I go to make a salad, my first thought is “How can I replace the lettuce?” This time it is with pasta.

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Top Santa Barbara Lunch Spot

SB_EateryAll this rain we are having in California has left me soggy. Even though I know we need this rain with our severe drought years in the running, it has nevertheless left me dreaming of sunnier days. One such day was spent at the delicious Benchmark Eatery in Santa Barbara, California.

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