Rainbow, Did You Know?

So, it is still raining in California…unbelievable and delightful!

One of the most beautiful things about rain is its rainbows. They are magic colored stripes in the sky that capture our imagination…promising us that the world will once again be beautiful and that the skies are full of fascinating wonders.

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Pipe Dreams, Fun Facts, and 2017

sunset_cactus_2Happy New Year! The first full week of 2017 is quickly coming to a close. This is the time many people reflect on the past year and strategize for the year to come. Dreams are sharpened and brought into focus…even if some are thought to be “pipe dreams”. What exactly are pipe dreams you ask?

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Marriage Matters 101

Wedding_2Today is my three year wedding anniversary. Who knew that odd tingling I felt when I first met Spaceman so many years ago would become my fairy tale happily-ever-after. Although it took him seven years to pop the question (I was looking into walkers to get me down the aisle), I knew life with him would be an adventure I wanted in on. It has been the ride of my life and here are three (for our three years) foundational marriage keys I’ve learned so far…

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Palm Trees — Not Exactly

Palm_TreePalm trees inspire magical tales and evoke visions of desert oasis’ and tropical islands. However, did you know palm trees are not technically trees at all? They are actually part of the grass family. Here are some other fun facts about palms…

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Unique, Free, Bookstore!

Book_Box_CloseUpYou know the feeling, rushing to finish packing and get to the airport on time. Jamming stuff into your carry-on while trying not to make it too heavy. Then you get to your destination, prepare to unwind and enjoy a moment with a good book only – uh oh – you forgot to pack the book, now what? Hop online and find the nearest Little Free Library.

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Shamrock Fun Facts — Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

File:Trifolium repens Leaf April 2, 2010.jpg

                                                (picture courtesy of Supportstorm)

Today is the day everyone celebrates the Irish — Irish beer, Irish soda bread, Irish eyes, Irish people and the ever popular Irish Shamrock. Growing up I was always intrigued by McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, but I never did get one and now my intrigue has turned to Bailey’s Irish Cream (yum!). However, let’s stick with Shamrocks. Did you know…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

IMG_0003My sweet niece sent this to me once and I wanted to pass it along — Happy Valentine’s Day! Olaf is a fearless friend who always looks to the bright side, and I wish the same for all of you. Love is not only a feeling (although that is great), it is an attitude as well. Go and share your loving attitude with someone this Valentine weekend.


Red Stop Signs, Why?

Stop_Sign_TreesSlamming on my brakes, my car slid to a stop at the somewhat hidden stop sign (I may have been distracted by my rather robust sing-along with the radio). The red of the sign caught my attention at the last moment and I reacted — then thought, “Good thing that sign is red, but why is it red?” Have you ever wondered the same thing?

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