Goodbye Bobby, I Will Miss You

Tomorrow I publicly say goodbye to my brother Bobby at his memorial service, but he will live forever in my heart and mind.

Life is fragile. We all know this as it is written on many coffee mugs, t-shirts, canvas tote bags and is usually followed by some dramatic command to act bold, laugh loud, take risks. However, if life is fragile, what is death? My oldest brother Bobby’s recent death, just a little over two years after my mom died, has made me think…

  • Death is instant and quiet, and we will all face it. For me, I have the assurance of heaven and joining God’s eternal kingdom. This brings me joy and peace because life here can be hard and is often confusing.
  • Death brings life into focus. I picture Bobby and his bigger-than-life ways, his energy  and strength to squeeze all he could out of life. I remember times and experiences with him I hadn’t thought of in years. It clarifies what matters to me and what I will let go.
  • Death changes those left behind. I wish I could go back 9 years, before Bobby’s cancer diagnosis, and sit with him again while he fact-checked statements and I laughed never guessing how things would change. I miss his love. People need to show love to those that matter in their life now, not wait until a memorial service.

Life is fragile, but death is a mystery. I was so lucky to have Bobby as my brother. His humor was witty and quick. His loyalty was fierce and his life will never be forgotten. I love you big brother. Until we meet again, rest easy in a world without cancer.


12 thoughts on “Goodbye Bobby, I Will Miss You

  1. This is beautiful Sherry. It really is a comfort when you know that the person you love is no longer in pain and never will be again. My heart is with your whole family.

  2. Wow, how beautifully written and so true. Thx for sharing your love and insights for a wonderful man and brother. May he Rest In Peace..

  3. Well written, beautiful thoughts, Sharon. Rest easy knowing you’re one of the people who shares your feelings with those you love and care about. I am so sorry for the loss of Bobby. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I’ll speak to you soon. Lots of love, Piper

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