Anaheim Packing House, Get Packed!

Why stop the celebrating just because 4th of July is over? Continue on to the Anaheim Packing House. This place has something for everyone, really.

My friend, Stacie, who is always in the know on happening places that delight the tummy, suggested we try the Anaheim Packing House. Again she did not disappoint with her selection. This place is amazing! It looks like a big warehouse from the outside, but walk through the front entranceway arches and you are among two levels of food brilliance.

The vibe is trendy and chic. The choices range from cocktail bars to sandwich stands to a hidden speakeasy (I guess they are always hidden) to ice cream (that, in itself, is reason to go) to much more.

We had a great time wandering about deciding what to try and in what order. Luckily we found The Blind Rabbit (speakeasy) and were able to squeeze in. Usually you need reservations and there is a dress code. *The only clue I’ll give you as to its whereabouts is that it is on the bottom level and look for a person standing in front of a pedestal for, what seems, no reason.

With the hot days of summer upon us and the craving to get out and mingle, head over to the Anaheim Packing House for some food-inspired fun.

2 thoughts on “Anaheim Packing House, Get Packed!

  1. I had lunch there a couple of months ago and loved it as well! So many food options I had never seen or heard of before! Fun! Fun! Fun!

    • Hope you made it to the speakeasy. If not, you should try it. I know you’d love it! 🙂

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