The Line Hotel Los Angeles

Koreatown, an area slightly west of downtown Los Angeles, is trending right now in a big way. There are some highly rated restaurants, independent theaters, and sleek hotels that have energized the area. One such hotel is The Line Hotel Los Angeles.

The Line Hotel Los Angeles in Koreatown is so hip that there is not even a sign for it at the main entrance. Only a small sign outside slightly around the corner (which I never did see) alerts you to the hotel.

One of my dearest friends was in town for the night from England and this meant a night of fun and catching up with good friends. I dusted off some (kind of) hip clothes and made my way to the city. I was looking pretty hipster until I stumbled over my feet as I stepped out of my car at the valet. The attendant looked somewhat frightened until I regained my balance and we laughed as I headed in for a night of good times.

The lobby level of The Line Hotel Los Angeles tries, in my opinion, a little too hard to be cool with cement walls, sparse decor, and way too loud music for a lobby. My recommendation is to quickly move through the lobby to the second floor pool and restaurant area. There you have games to play (ping-pong, fussball) and an alluring solarium filled with plants, food, and heady (i.e. strong) drinks.

Inside these glass walls you can relax and enjoy your friends. The food is served family style (everyone shares the small plates) and is delicious. I tend to get a little stressed when plates are to be shared. This is due to childhood scars when my brothers would eat all the food on the table before I could even get seated, but I digress. The signature drinks were interesting. I chose the one with pineapple while one of my friends chose bourbon. I recommended Buffalo Trace as I had visited their distillery in Kentucky.

The Line Hotel Los Angeles is centrally located in the city with easy access to many attractions and business hubs. It is definitely worth a consideration if you are looking for a hotel in the downtown Los Angeles area, but be aware that its aesthetic is industrial hipster.

For me and my friends, it ticked all the right boxes.


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  1. I can back up the statement about the lobby that tries too hard. That little restaurant/bar area is definitely worth visiting though. I loved the plates and glasses that looked like they were inherited from someone’s gramma.

    • The dishes are all a mishmash which makes it fun and, as you said, very homey.

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