Poppy Cakes Baking Company, Sierra Madre

Time flies when you’re having fun, and it has been flying lately. That has kept me from getting to share some good stuff with you, but I am here now to tell you about Poppy Cakes Baking Company, a sweet little cafe in Sierra Madre, CA.

In my hustle to meet deadlines and get projects done, I had forgotten to eat (shocking!) and my stomach was grumbling. Driving toward Sierra Madre, I remembered seeing this sweet cafe and wanting to stop. Now was my opportunity. Poppy Cakes Baking Company was fixed in my crosshairs. [For some background, Sierra Madre is a jewel of a city caught in a simpler time by appearances, but all its modern amenities keep it up to date.]

Poppy Cakes Baking Company is located in a little drive-through “thing” next to a dry cleaner. As I walked up to the cafe, I wondered if I had anything that needed cleaning since that would lengthen my lunch and force me to have dessert while I waited for my stuff. Unfortunately, I was stain-free that day.


Upon entering Poppy Cakes Baking Company, I was greeted by a friendly staff (but not so much that you want to slap somebody) and quickly made my choice of a turkey-cranberry sandwich. They use only fresh ingredients and have an almost cult-like following from what I could tell from the customers. Three people within minutes told me this was the best place ever before I kept my eyes down to avoid more “conversations”.

The food was delicious and so were the sweets (I had some for good luck) and the ambience is just…happy. That in itself was a blessing. I definitely will be back. In fact, I may try their fried chicken next time. Rumor has it, it’s the best.


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  1. I wish I wasn’t so hungry right now… looking at those baked goods is making me want to lick the screen.

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