Easter Lily & Lily Fun Facts

The White Lilly has long been associated with Easter…ever wonder why? Let me tell you that and a couple more fun facts about lilies in general.

  • Lilies are one of the most popular flowers in the world. They have landed as high as the top four.
  • The white Easter Lily is especially popular during spring which is (drum roll please) when Easter is celebrated. This beautiful white bloom symbolizes purity, hope, and innocence and is associated with Jesus Christ – pure and blameless, our hope for new and eternal life – as well as the Virgin Mary – the pure and innocent mother of Jesus.
  • The sweet smelling lily flowers also produce oil that can be used for therapeutic purposes such as massage oil and moisturizing lotions. In traditional Asian medicine lilies have long been used to treat depression.
  • Although lilies are lovely on their own, they enjoy being in groups and show off with a beautiful display when planted in groupings of three or more.
  • Bonus: Spaceman and I had the Lily of the Valley as part of our wedding flowers. These beauties symbolize sweetness, purity of heart, and the return of happiness. He definitely is my human happy place.

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