7 Attractions to See While in Bali

Today, I’m honored to have Made Sugita of Taman Baru Bali Private Villas provide a wonderful guest post sharing a local’s guide to the seven best attractions to see while visiting beautiful Bali. Take it away, Made!

The Indonesian island of Bali is a sight to behold and a joy to visit. Here’s a guide to seven of the top attractions you just can’t miss when vacationing in Bali.

The sunrises and sunsets on Bali are truly spectacular. Consider hiking 11 kilometres up Mount Batur along the Sunrise Trail to take in the sunrise. It’s 1,700 metres high and the trail is fairly easy. The amazing views from the peak (and soaking up the morning rays), are more than worth the exercise. In terms of sunsets, visit the iconic Tanah Lot temple, or relax at Seminyak beach as you take in the rosy hues. Another outstanding option is to take a sunset cruise at Lovina where you can sometimes spot dolphins frolicking in the water as the sun goes down.

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Snorkeling in Bali is also an amazing experience. The island’s pristine coral reefs and vivid, colourful fish are lovely to behold. Amed is a prime location to snorkel, as are various areas of the eastern coast. At Jemeluk beach in Amed you’ll be able to explore a Japanese shipwreck and a beautiful coral garden. Some of the best experiences in Bali are along its coasts, from surfing to snorkeling to just walking along the beach!

Take in the rural sights and sounds with a bike trip around Ubud. Many tour companies offer packages and the route is mainly downhill. You can also just stroll around the quaint villages, coffee farms and craft stores. There’s also the opportunity around Ubud to participate in workshops where you can make your own jewelry, carvings and art.

Visit Bali’s Green Village to the south of Ubud along the Ayung River. Green Village is an amazing place where houses and buildings are made of bamboo. The village is a remarkable example of how to exist in harmony with nature. Tours sometimes include a look inside homes, but when these are fully rented-out, tours focus on visiting the Green School and seeing the bamboo workshop.

Pay a visit to the Bohemian surf town of Canggu. The captivating wall mural art will charm you, as will Canggu’s many pleasant little cafes, beachside restaurants and shops. For an even more unique look at the scenery, consider doing a horseback tour of Canggu and the surrounding area, or staying at a luxury villa.

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The village of Munduk is located in a mountainous region of Bali. It’s a holdover from Dutch colonial times where it was home to coffee, cocoa and vanilla plantations. Munduk now draws wilderness lovers who want to enjoy a lovely hike, bike trip or horseback ride. There are even hidden waterfalls to discover! Munduk also has plenty of hospitable and wonderful guesthouses to make your stay a pleasure.

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Cap off your sightseeing by getting to know some of Bali’s four-legged inhabitants. Bali’s Elephant Safari Park to the north of Ubud is a chance to ride elephants as they play in the water. You’ll definitely be having fun by the time their trunks start spurting out water. The safari park also has other amazing experiences to offer including the chance to see numerous endangered elephants, watch elephant talent shows, a restaurant that looks out on the elephant’s pool party, and a custom-built safari lodge.

These seven suggestions will help make your Bali trip a wonderful experience.

About The Author: Made Sugita is the proud owner of Taman Baru Bali, which consists of Villa Umah Wa Ke and Villa Nangka. Two luxury villas located in the Greater Canggu region of Bali Indonesia.

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