Rainbow, Did You Know?

So, it is still raining in California…unbelievable and delightful!

One of the most beautiful things about rain is its rainbows. They are magic colored stripes in the sky that capture our imagination…promising us that the world will once again be beautiful and that the skies are full of fascinating wonders.

Here are some fun facts about rainbows…

  • Each raindrop (or water drop) makes its own rainbow, but it takes millions of raindrops for us to see a rainbow.
  • No two people see the exact same rainbow, in fact even our individual eyes see slightly different rainbows. This is because each of us see the raindrops slightly differently due to angle, space, speed, barriers (for example windows, trees), etc.
  • RenĂ© Descartes and Sir Isaac Newton are credited for “discovering” the reason for rainbows and that the colors were caused by light from the sun being split into different colors by rain.
  • You can never get to the end of a rainbow on the ground because when you move, the rainbow moves too. However, from the air, rainbows can sometimes be seen as complete circles.
  • And the finale isn’t really a fact but a favorite serenade from the one and only…Kermit the Frog,


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