Best Park in Oslo, Norway, Vigelund Park

The seemingly impossible natural beauty of Norway is invigorating and intoxicating. Combine that with museum quality sculpture and you get Vigelund Park.

For most people a day at the park includes picnics and lazing on a blanket with maybe a bit of playing catch or even feeding some ducks, but not so here. Vigelund Park is an enormous sculpture garden (more than 200 granite, bronze and cast iron statues) set among acres (850 meters/2788 feet long) of enchanting gardens and meticulous landscape.

Having limited time in Oslo, we were combining two things we wanted to do by meeting friends at Vigelund Park. Spaceman and I took public transportation to the park which was easy and above ground making it a good way to see more of the city as we traveled.

After passing through the enormous entry gates, we met our friends for a quick snack before heading out to explore the grounds. Vigelund Park is the world’s largest single-artist park. It is the lifetime work of Gustav Vigeland who thought out everything about this park from the sculptures to the design of the grounds.

This grouping somehow reminded me of my brothers when they were supposed to be babysitting me…especially the one on the left. I seem to remember a game that entailed me being dangled over water. In their defense, I found it all extremely fun. Older brothers definitely do add character to a little sister.

Can you count how many people are entwined in this circle?

It must have been a good meal the way this baby is rubbing her stomach.

Yes, those are all individual people carved and wrapped around each other in that one pilar of granite.

A hidden garden welcoming rests.

I love the feel of movement and strength in these statues.

Thinking our day at Vigelund Park had been all I wanted it to be, in came a marching band…who knew I wanted that too!


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  1. I want to see all of these places! Los like you had amazing weather n top of all of the fabulous sights!

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