Norwegian Klippfisk

Norway_Klippfisk_1.jpgName that fish. Well, you have a bit of a head start as it is in the title of this post, but go for it — yes, Norwegian klippfisk! Norwegian klippfisk is a dried, salted cod that is the old/new darling of northwest Norway. It was also once one of Norway’s most important exports.

Popularity of the tempting looking Norwegian klippfisk, surprisingly, did not spread throughout all of Norway back in the day. However, it is now being requested in many of Norway’s trendy restaurants and gastropubs.

Norway_BusRide(through our bus window)

After an exhausting day of looking at one after the other of Norway’s breathtaking vistas (I mean really, it was getting embarrassing the amount of times I grabbed Spaceman’s arm in sensory nirvana and said, “Look at that!”), we stopped at a little hole-in-the-wall that was ramped up for tourists and tried our first Norwegian klippfisk.

Norway_Klippfisk_Backyard(backyard of the restaurant)

They were serving bacalao and, although the main ingredient is Norwegian klippfisk — a salted fish, there was little taste of salt and lots of flavor usually associated with southern European food. It may not have been my favorite dish we had while in Norway (although still very good), but it is one of my most memorable…who could forget the dried fish display when we arrived?

Norway_Drunk_BridgeAfter eating it was back onboard our bus to continue on The Atlantic Ocean Road to cross the Storseisundet bridge (also known as “drunk bridge”). It was kindly calm weather when we were crossing, but this bridge has stories to tell! Here is a video of it during one of the region’s wild storms,

Norway is a country of outstanding contrasts!



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  1. Either Norway is having an incredibly mild winter or this is from a previous trip-global warming at its peak😂

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