Turku, Finland, in Winter

turku_forest_bridgeFinland’s natural beauty is something everyone should experience. Couple that with a visit during the holidays, and you have the making for a winter wonderland. Welcome to Turku, Finland.

Turku, on the southwest coast of Finland, is the oldest city in Finland dating back to the 13th century – and the country’s original capital.  Its castle and medieval church speak to its history while cobblestone streets lead to modern, award-winning restaurants and trendy cafes.

turku_main_streetAlthough smaller in population than Helsinki, Turku has a vibrant cultural scene and its blending of city and nature is intoxicating.

turku_forest_trail                   (so many trails to follow – those are ice drops clinging to the tree)

turku_frozen_stream                                               (frozen streams to discover)

turku_tree_bridge                           (bridges turned into interactive Christmas scenes)

Turku is also known as the “Christmas City of Finland” with its hosting of the annual Declaration of Christmas Peace.  This fun tradition brings out hundreds of Finns from all over the country, no matter the temperature (which is shocking for a native Californian like me). A great place to stay while in the city is the unique boutique hotel The Park Hotel.

turku_park_hotel                                                    (more about the Park Hotel here)

Lucky for me Spaceman’s family lives here so we will have many more opportunities to visit. This country is one where I continually find new wonders around each bend.

turku_ss                                         (me and Spaceman enjoying the city)

turku_sunrise                                                            (Turku waking up)

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