Hoover Dam, Hot Damn!

hd_damSome things really are awe-inspiring as is the case with Hoover Dam in Nevada. This cement wall holds back enough water to irrigate roughly 2 million acres…impressive!

hd_lakeThe body of water being held back is called Lake Mead, a favorite destination for boat enthusiasts. Spaceman and I recently visited this engineering jewel which is a registered United States National Historic Landmark.

hd_wallIt was a particularly hot day when we visited so the strong wind that whipped up as we walked to the bridge that looks across to the dam felt more like a blow torch than a refreshing breeze, but that is another story. Looking at this massive marvel, we felt pretty small…and hoped not to see any cracks in the wall.

hd_signHere are some fun facts about Hoover Dam:

  • The mascot dog and favorite pet of all the construction workers during the building of the dam was buried at Hoover Dam. The grave is near the Hoover Dam Tour Center and can be visited.
  • If you drink water from the tap at Disneyland, Anaheim or Sea World in San Diego — that water is coming from the Colorado River and Lake Mead, 300 miles away.
  • There is enough concrete in Hoover Dam (4 1/2 million cubic yards) to build a two-lane road from Seattle, Washington to Miami, Florida or a four foot wide sidewalk around the Earth at the Equator.
  • Every state in the USA furnished supplies and materials for the construction of the dam.
  • During peak electricity periods, enough water runs through the generators to fill 15 average sized swimming pools (20,000 gallons each) in one second.
  • At its base, Hoover Dam is as thick (660 feet) as two football fields measured end-to-end.

(fun facts provided by http://www.usbr.gov/lc/hooverdam/educate/kidfacts.html)

hd_workerThis above picture is a glimpse of how the workers who built the dam spent their days, dangling off the side of cliffs by a rope! Having a big fear of heights, this image makes my palms sweat.

If you are an engineer, or appreciate seeing what seems to be an impossible engineering feat, put a visit to the Hoover Dam on your travel list.

One last tidbit, do you know why the dam is named Hoover Dam? Because President Herbert Hoover (our Nation’s 31st President) was a key figure in making Hoover Dam into a reality.


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  1. You Sherry and Spaceman have seen so much in the world!
    Sina Sherry ja Avaruusmies olette nahneet niin paljon maailmassa!
    It is so lovely!
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