A Little Taste of Armenia in Pasadena

sasoon_interiorSometimes the best things show up in the most unexpected places. That is exactly the case with Old Sasoon Bakery where it’s a little taste of Armenia in Pasadena.

sasoon_frontIf you’re driving up Allen Ave a bit past Orange Grove Blvd in Pasadena, don’t blink or you will miss Old Sasoon Bakery. It is located in a nondescript row of businesses, steps past a Lutheran church.

Spaceman found this gem scouting for a reasonably priced place for lunch that also had flavor, bingo! Old Sassoon Bakery has fast become a staple in our restaurant rotation.

sasoon_lamajouneThey make the food fresh on-site AND they carry a throwback drink from Spaceman’s youth.

sasoon_drinkI can picture him as a kid when he sips his drink with that smile on his face. Okay, back to the food – they offer lahmajoun, beoregs, flatbreads, baklava, and more. The prices cannot be beat (sandwiches $3.50 – $4.00) and the taste is addictive. I never thought to use mint in sandwiches the way they do.

sasoon_interior2If you are in the Pasadena area or driving through (they aren’t too far from the 210 freeway), it is worth your time to have a taste.

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