Things to See in Trondheim, Norway

tromdheim_harborThe train doors slid open and Spaceman and I stepped out into Trondheim, Norway.

My legs, slightly tired from sitting on the bus and then the train, may have led me to grumble to Spaceman that I didn’t want to walk to the hotel (even though it was only a couple of blocks away). However, he couldn’t hear me as he had already headed out toward the hotel (coincidence?). I hurried to catch him and that was when I started to look around.

trondheim_streetLike almost all the places we visited in Norway, Trondheim was clean with some cheerfully painted buildings sprinkled among lovely, old architectural ones. The sun was in and out of the clouds and the day was warm, but not hot. To my delight, the hotel where we were staying welcomed us with Norwegian Pancakes. If you don’t know what those are, Norwegian Pancakes are a little thicker than crepes and stuffed with fruit jam and topped with sour cream.

After happily filling our bellies (I had to race to get my fill of pancakes before the pack of kids from the family across the room was unleashed on them), we headed out to explore the city. Interesting fact, during the Viking Age (until 1217), Trondheim was the capital of Norway.

Here are our top picks to see:

The Pedestrian Streets of Nordre gate, Olav Tryggvasons gate and Thomas Angells gate. The wonderful cafes, shops, and people watching is not to be missed.

trondheim_violinstrondheim_sushiThe Nidaros Cathedral which is the northernmost medieval church in the world. It is also the most important Gothic monument in Norway. Situated in the city center and surrounded by a park-like cemetery, this building is a huge draw for tourists. Don’t let that put you off, though, as the crowds are not overwhelming and the architecture is outstanding. I kept thinking, “How did they build such a structure back in 1070 (starting then at least)?”

trondheim_church2The Old Town Bridge crossing the Nidelva River where the old storehouses line the waterway. Their multiple colors and planks into the sea add a romantic glimpse into Trondheim’s history.

trondheim_riverSolsiden Shopping Center has taken an old rundown drydock, some abandoned ship buildings and created a vibrant community of restaurants, shops and bars. It also has a delicious ice cream spot inside the mall (Cielo) where you can buy by the liter not the scoop. The server was a bit confused as Spaceman kept asking her to add “just a little more” (yes, we are made for each other!).

trondheim_midnight_sun(fabled midnight sun)

Trondheim has so much to offer, and we barely scratched the surface. As we walked “home” to our hotel still tasting the ice cream from Solsiden, we thought, “This could be a place we could live.”

trondheim_ferry(ferry commuting to a “suburb”)


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  1. Any place that welcomes you with pancakes has got to be worth visiting. That cathedral is so beautiful – I am in love with that green roof…

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