Top 5 Best Las Vegas Spots without Gambling

vegas_mosaicLas Vegas without gambling? Oh, yeah, and here’s how…

vegas_caesarWe visited Caesars Palace Las Vegas for their 50th anniversary and newly(ish) opened Julius Tower thanks to a trip I won on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. However, gambling holds no allure for me. Thankfully Spaceman is of the same mindset so we headed out to find some other activities that wouldn’t leave us broke. Here are our Top 5 Best Las Vegas Spots without Gambling.

1. The Bellagio Water Show

vegas_waterIn front of the Bellagio Hotel is a massive pond. Depending on the time of day (either every 30 or 15 minutes), this tranquil pond thunders to life with a choreographed water, music and light show.

vegas_water2It is spectacular, and I could watch it for hours as each show is paired with a different tune creating a different experience.

2. The High Roller Ride

vegas_rollerAt the far end of the open-air shopping mall called The LINQ, stands the world’s tallest observation wheel standing 550 feet high.

vegas_coachYou step inside a bubble shaped “coach” and slowly climb to the peak where the city sparkles beneath you.

vegas_lightsThis ride can be as sedate or as raucous as you want with many different types of experiences available, from a fully stocked party coach to a chocolate & wine pairing coach to even a venue for a wedding ceremony coach.

3. Red Rock National Conservation Area

vegas_red_rockA short drive from the strip is Red Rock National Conservation Area. This is an easy drive to a less hectic, stunningly beautiful spot. It looks as though the mountains have been painted with different stripes of red hues.

4. The Valley of Fire State Park

vegas_valleyfireA little farther of a drive outside the strip, but still not too far, is The Valley of Fire State Park. This is bigger than Red Rock National Conservation Area and its seclusion gives the feeling you have entered into a different world (especially after all the neon bling on the Las Vegas strip). It is a beautiful state park and well worth exploring.

5. The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden

vegas_botanicThe Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden is a free wonderland where flowers and water create fantastical lands to wander through. Each season brings a new display.

vegas_botanic2While we were there, the underwater adventure was exhibited. The designers use thousands of flowers to create their masterpieces. If you love (or even like) horticulture, this place will amaze you.


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  1. OK, that botanical garden… that is crazy in the best way! It looks like the inside of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory… did you try licking the jellyfish? ;o)

  2. Great info- I too am not a gambler and love that you reported on other things that are available to do- especially the areas off the strip๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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