Best Sandwich in Palm Springs, CA

A sandwich is just a sandwich, right? Uh, no…at least not in Palm Springs, CA.


Spaceman and I decided to drive through downtown Palm Springs on our way home after a week away in the area, specifically to try The Sandwich Spot which had received some pretty good reviews, almost too good. I mean I like sandwiches and all, but rarely have I had one that makes me want to rewind the clock to eat it over and over again because it is just that yummy. However, that’s exactly what happened here (although I didn’t rewind the proverbial clock because that is impossible as far as I know).

ps_sandwich_mineMy #4 Thanks for the Memories sandwich had me singing its praises. The combination of tangy cranberries, warm turkey, juicy pickles and tomatoes, cream cheese and more nestled between a freshly sliced Dutch crunch roll was really delicious.

ps_sandwich_hisSpaceman had The Dreamkiller which looked equally as good but was a bit too healthy for me. I needed the extra protein of turkey (and cream cheese), but he was very happy with his choice — no dream was killed.

This is a small place set slightly back from Palm Canyon Drive so you need to keep the address in mind (240 N. Palm Canyon Drive). It is quite unassuming and would easily be overlooked with all the new attractions and restaurants vying for attention in downtown Palm Springs these days.

ps_sandwich_seppo(hey, I know that guy!)

Once inside, the vibe is California modern. The sandwiches all have names that are somehow related to the Palm Springs area. An example is their homage to the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament with sandwiches named The Federer, The Rafa, The Djokovic, The Serve and Volley which all add to the fun of the place.

ps_sandwich_inWe were there shortly before closing time (6:00 pm), but the woman working never made us feel rushed and the customers all had smiles on their faces and were complimenting the food as they left (which we did as well on our way out — bellies full).

If you are in the area, The Sandwich Spot is a must try.

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  1. Next time you are down you need to try TKB Bakery and Deli in Indio. Go with “Melina’s Hotness part 2”.

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