Dad, Barcelona and Gaudí

bar_stairsDad, Barcelona and Gaudí…a powerful trifecta!

bar_harborThe transport bus stopped near the port leaving Dad and me to wander the remaining blocks to La Rambla solo.

bar_columbusLuckily Christopher Columbus’ monument guided us with his uplifted hand telling us to, “Ándale (hurry), the city awaits!”

Seeing that Dad and I (maybe it’s more me) don’t really ándale, we wandered our way to the entrance of Barcelona’s main street, La Rambla. Having both visited Barcelona before, there wasn’t the urgency to get to all the tourist spots. Rather we wanted to soak in the city, explore the maze of side streets and get to Gaudí’s apartment building…specifically its roof.

bar_roofbar_roof1The waving and, to me, almost whimsical design of Gaudí’s work became much more understandable once I learned he had been trapped indoors for long periods of time as a child due to illness. My own health issues, which started as a kid, often kept me sidelined as well so I understand the need to redefine the seen world into something more interesting – and his stuff definitely is interesting!

bar_gaudiOn our way to lunch, we passed this little street band. The piano was most intriguing to me…not your typical portable band piece.

bar_bandWe continued to wander through the maze of streets where each turn brought another delight.

bar_courtyardbar_bridgebar_dadHere my dad found some “olives” (they were actually chocolates) to bring home to friends.

bar_candybar_olivesIt really was a perfect day.

I was my Dad’s “roomie” and side kick for this trip taking the space which had traditionally been my mom’s. It still stings when I remember she is gone, but the blessing of this day with my dad is a treasure I will hold on to tightly.


bar_wallBarcelona is a beautiful, vibrant city. Both of us loved it for different reasons and memories. Now I love it for that day when it was just me, my dad, Barcelona and Gaudí.

12 thoughts on “Dad, Barcelona and Gaudí

  1. So lovely pictures from Barcelona. I liked walk on La Rambla when I was there .
    Niin ihania kuvia Barcelonasta. Mina kuljeskelin mielellani La Ramblalla kun olin siella.

  2. I love this post Sherry! Thank you for putting this experience you guys shared into such a fun story!! You’re right….any day spent with Dad is a gift….especially wandering the streets of Barcelona!!

    • It was such a great day…just like you’ll have in Vancouver (hopefully!). He is the best! 🙂

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