Santa Barbara Day Escape

garden_groundsEscape to Santa Barbara? Yes, please! This “laid back” beach town is anything but, especially during the summer months, so let me share with you a secret hillside hideaway that will keep you out of the frantic State Street crowds.

People who know me know I have a sort of love-hate thing with Santa Barbara. It is a beautiful area no doubt, but the crowds can get out of hand (especially in summer months) and the crush of people becomes claustrophobic. So, when Spaceman suggested a quick trip up there, I happily jumped in the car and suggested we keep the windows rolled up as I might possibly need to yell at some people’s absurdities.

garden_entranceSpaceman’s route made a quick loop through the frantic downtown (yes, I may have yelled a little) and then up into the hills. Our stop, the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens.

garden_fenceThis little gem nestled in the hillside above Santa Barbara brought back my happiness.

garden_treegarden_fountainIt is a small garden (78 acres) with an easy walking trail that takes you through majestic redwood trees, a dry river bed, and various clustered gardens.


garden_signAcross the street an extension of the garden recently opened.

garden_facilityWe decided to explore it and were rewarded with an unobstructed view of the Santa Barbara bay complete with a cooling breeze. It was hard to believe as we looked down over the city that so much hustle was happening as we lounged in the quiet of the gardens.


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  1. I loved this garden when I visited years ago but I never saw the dry river bed. Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back and find it…

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