Best Moments of Perast, Montenegro

perast_windowThe Bay of Kotor gently knocks on the rock walls of Perast, Montenegro. Now a quiet seaside town, it shows few bruises from a past fraught with battles by invading countries to control its borders.

Clouds drifted in and out during my visit — some rain fell as well, polishing up the scenery and leaving behind a sheen. The effects were stunning. Here are some of the best moments…

perast_boatrowperast_hillchurchHow about a great spot for a rest or some food…

perast_restaurantperast_lodgingMore sights as I wandered their seaside street (it’s a one street town)…

perast_landboatperast_hillsideperast_boatCulminating in a shot of the Island of St. George, home to a 12th century Benedictine monastery as well as a cemetery, taken from Our Lady of the Rocks, an artificial island in the Adriatic built over the centuries by local seamen. They have been keeping up an ancient oath of rock throwing that started in 1452.

perast_cityofrocksThis sleepy town was a lovely surprise find.


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  1. Looks and sounds wonderful! Great pictures, Sharon. Makes me want to go to Southern Europe asap.

  2. Great story and the pictures brought me back to such a beautiful place. Fond memories of a great trip.

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