Goofy in Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii_GoofyIt’s my birthday and I am feeling a bit “goofy” which brought me back to a delicious spot to eat on the island of Oahu in Hawaii near Honolulu, Goofy Cafe & Dine.

Hawaii_Birthday_DessertSpaceman brought me to Hawaii last year for my birthday which is when we stumbled upon Goofy Cafe & Dine (don’t you want to add the “r”, but they don’t). The food at our resort was crazy expensive, not that great and getting duller by the day. Mulling this over at the bar, I asked the bartenders where they liked to eat that was healthy and reasonably priced. Without hesitation, and in unison, they both said, “Goofy’s!”

Goofy_LabelThis tiny spot which sits above the madness that can be Honolulu became a mainstay for us after just one bite. The relaxed beach feel and friendliness of the staff added to the enjoyment of the fresh pure tastes of their food.

Gooy_BowlThey choose local and organic whenever possible and create some bowls that I still crave today.

Goofy_TableThe aloha spirit and warm trade winds that blew through the open windows relaxed me and reminded me I was on island (aka vacation) time. The Hawaiian Koa Wood (or at least it looked like koa wood — didn’t ask) sprinkled around the cafe brought me back to the times I would stay on the outer islands as a kid with my family.

Goofy_ResortHawaii has always been special to me and now I have one more place to mark on my “must get back to” list that make up the islands.

Goofy is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy!

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