Fløibanen on Mt. Fløyen, Bergen’s Funicular

Bergen_Overview3We marched through the streets of Bergen, a slight smile and steady determination guiding Spaceman, heading to one of Bergen’s most popular (and anticipated) tourist destinations, the Fløibanen (funicular) to take us to the top of Mount Fløyen.

Bergen_Funi_EntranceTickets in hand, the doors of the funicular slid open. Kids squealed and parents ran for the front row.  The fact that we were riding in a completely glass enclosed cable car (meaning there were no bad seats) was of little importance to this group — a front row was a front row!

Bergen_OverviewLike everywhere in Norway, we walked out to a view that mesmerized. The city and water laid out below us. It felt like we were up with the clouds.

Bergen_Overview2We wandered around, Spaceman mapping out the city below as I spotted an ice cream shop (felt safer after this sighting). Feeling brave, I followed Spaceman out to the end of a protruding glass sidewalk (I’m not a big fan of heights), looked to the left and…

Bergen_GoatsGoats! These crazy, spectacular goats were staring back at me.

Bergen_Goats2I am not sure what it is about livestock that brings such joy to my heart, but seeing this group out for a hearty meal had me grinning from ear to ear and speaking to them in a high pitched baby voice.

Bergen_Goats1One looked at me a bit puzzled and concerned as if to say, “really, that’s how you speak, really?”, to which I assured him he was soooo cute.

Bergen_RailsThe time came for us to head back down and explore Bergen’s fish market for dinner. Heading down the mountain the steepness of the funicular and its engineering feat became even more apparent.

Bergen_Funi_UpAs did the beauty that is Bergen.

8 thoughts on “Fløibanen on Mt. Fløyen, Bergen’s Funicular

  1. Your conversation with the goat is hilarious! He looks entranced with you… what a beautiful view of the city you had – wow!!

  2. Love the pictures and stories that go along with them! I want to go next time (summer time, not winter- even though it’s probably even more beautiful then, I would miss the sunlight)

  3. You could add that Spaceman was bummed as he couldn’t get a front row seat in the funicular either way. But great memories and a fun story!

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