Say “Cheese” Croatia!

Zadar_Cheese_CounterWe were told of this Croatian cheese delicacy,  Paški Sir, with the same pride and passion that our tour guide spoke of the history of her country…and why not, it is delicious!

As my family broke into groups to do what they wanted after a half-day private tour of Zadar, Croatia, I set about to find the Gligora Cheese Shop which offered the famous Island of Pag cheese.

Zadar is beautiful in its own right and exploring the winding walkways of the Old Town on my hunt for cheese was great fun.

Zadar_Cheese_StreetFinally I came upon the shop (well, perhaps some store owners kept me going the right direction).

Zadar_Cheese_FrontThe Gligora family has been making cheese since 1918 and has won numerous awards for their Paški Sir cheese (Island of Pag cheese) most notably, Best Sheep Milk Cheese in the World four times…in four different international competitions! The shop is lovely with meats and drink options to highlight their cheeses and staff willing to give suggestions if you want some guidance.

Zadar_Cheese_MeatsAfter some samples, I bought a chunk of the Paški Sir and ate it with my dad the last night of our Mediterranean trip. It is a hard cheese that crumbles nicely (not too much) and sort of melts in your mouth. The taste is strong, but in the best of ways. I reserved some for a quick breakfast snack the next morning as we rushed to get to the airport.

Zadar_Cheese_BowlIf you have the chance, visit their store in the old town at Hrvoja V.Hrvatinića 5 (main market in the old town), 23000 Zadar.



8 thoughts on “Say “Cheese” Croatia!

  1. Croatia is a country I would love to spend more time exploring. The spirit of the people made it a wonderful stop.

  2. Zadar sounds like a dream town!! What a fun stop!! I didn’t know they were famous for cheese!!! Heaven!!

    • The Island of Pag in Crotia has been making sheep’s milk cheese for 2000 years and a shop in Zadar sells it…yum! 🙂

  3. It is very nice to read your comment again. I like Croatia. I was there one time.
    On mukava lukea sinun kommenttia jalleen. Mina pidan Croatiasta. Mina olen ollut
    siella kerran. Ritva

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