Marriage Matters 101

Wedding_2Today is my three year wedding anniversary. Who knew that odd tingling I felt when I first met Spaceman so many years ago would become my fairy tale happily-ever-after. Although it took him seven years to pop the question (I was looking into walkers to get me down the aisle), I knew life with him would be an adventure I wanted in on. It has been the ride of my life and here are three (for our three years) foundational marriage keys I’ve learned so far…

Character Matters: Today’s society often refers to good character as if it were some wistful thing lost in the annals of a better time. Nonsense! Character matters — especially in marriage. Knowing your partner doesn’t cut corners or look for excuses builds trust and endurance in a marriage. Something that has been tested in my marriage when my mother died abruptly and my job “transitioned” to…well, not quite sure what yet. Spaceman has been my rock and I try to be his. Knowing his character and counting on it has made me a stronger person. Don’t overlook character flaws in a potential mate.

Laughter Matters: Studies have shown that laughter releases endorphins (aka the body’s natural feel-good chemicals) which reduce stress. It also boosts immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies making it truly the best medicine. Luckily Spaceman keeps me laughing daily, often times when he isn’t even trying to which makes me laugh harder. Being with someone who laughs with you will help ensure you two stay healthier and less stressed.

Communication Matters: Partnerships require communication to be successful. That is obvious in the corporate world, but too often couples forget to apply that to their marriage. Having been diagnosed with arthritis at a young age, I mastered the art of masking my feelings to a large extent only to find that in marriage communication is key. The wonderful thing is that as you learn to lovingly communicate better with your spouse, you gain a sense of freedom and closeness in your marriage that glues you together in the most beautiful way. However, remember, communication is both talking and listening.

Wedding_3With this guy as my partner, I know our marriage is bright. Until next year when I will add to the list, I bid you happy anniversary my love.



6 thoughts on “Marriage Matters 101

  1. You two are such wonderful people – you definitely deserve each other in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY :o) Happy Anniversary!
    xoxo Holly

    • Thanks! Looking forward to many more years of marriage tidbits learned. 🙂

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