Palm Trees — Not Exactly

Palm_TreePalm trees inspire magical tales and evoke visions of desert oasis’ and tropical islands. However, did you know palm trees are not technically trees at all? They are actually part of the grass family. Here are some other fun facts about palms…

  • Palms “trees” once covered Antarctica — sounds crazy but scientists back this up.
  • There is a palm wine called “Kallu” which is commonly served in certain parts of Asia and Africa.
  • Palms “trees” are also called the Tree of the Bible as palms were laid across the rode for Christ when he road into Jerusalem.
  • Trunks of palms do not grow wider, they grow taller.

4 thoughts on “Palm Trees — Not Exactly

  1. Jalleen niin ihana kuva.Mina katson aina sinun kuvasi ja kirjoituksesi.
    Again so alovely picture. I look at all your pictures and writings.

  2. OK, that is fascinating that palms covered Antarctica… from jungle to ice cube…

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