Tournament of Roses House — Up for a Tour?

Rose_Rose2Thousands of people tune-in via television each year from around the world to watch the Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA, with thousands more staying tuned-in to watch the Rose Bowl game which follows. Have you ever wondered who is responsible for overseeing these two huge endeavors? The Tournament of Roses Association is who and their headquarters at the Tournament of Roses House is beautiful! Each Thursday from February through August at 2:00pm the doors of this home are swung open to the public and free tours are given.

Rose_FlowerSurrounded by roses and park grounds, this home draws you back to a life long past when mansions, open space and elegance ruled the social elite of Pasadena. The original point of the Rose Parade was to lure east coasters to the sunny skies and temperate climate of California. It has succeeded so well that now open land in the city is hard to find, yet the parade and Rose Bowl game exposure continue to lure more people to the city.

Roses_PosterThe home was previously owned by William Wrigley Jr. of Wrigley chewing gum fame (my dad always loved their Juicy Fruit choice) and was willed to the city of Pasadena by Ada Wrigley, widow of William Wrigley Jr., upon her death. She had only one stipulation that the home forever remain the headquarters for The Tournament of Roses which oversees both the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl game. She had grown to think of the parade as her own celebration. After all, the floats passed straight down her street each year.

Rose_HouseThe home is one of the few mansions left standing on “Millionaire’s Row”. Most of the other mansions have been torn down to accommodate condominium complexes and/or commercial establishments. This tour gives great insight into the lifestyle of the Wrigleys as well as allows guests to browse through memorabilia from past Rose Parades and Rose Bowl games.

Rose_QueenDid you know that there has been a married Rose Queen (only once) and that she was 35 years old when she reigned?

Rose_PaperOr that the wall paper in the parlor room has a tin veneer covering from incorporating the foil from Wrigley’s gum wrappers into it?

Rose_FireplaceHow about the columns on this fireplace, do you think they are upside down or right side up?

Get the answer and find out more by taking this free tour. Ask yourself, “Tournament of Roses House — Up for a Tour?” Go for it!


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