Mendocino Farms, El Segundo — Yum!

Mendocino_CowFood, a necessary and precious commodity — and one I happen to love (sometimes too much it seems as my buttons are getting tighter).

Because there is only so much space in my stomach, it is important where I choose to take my meals. Thankfully there are places such as Mendocino Farms in El Segundo, CA.

It took a few tries with my car’s GPS to get me there as it kept having me make “legal u-turns” basically in a circle until I saw the restaurant sign, ditched the GPS and found my lunch spot where their motto is “Eat Happy” — yes, please!

Mendocino_GunsThis is definitely a trendy spot that embraces the “loud is the new black” theme so many restaurants today are doing with no sort of sound-absorbing materials to be found. This was no obstacle for my friend and me who have mastered the art of the subdued-shout conversation. There are also tables outside which would be quieter, but it was a chilly 70ish degree day in CA and we needed the warmth of indoors (sorry my Finnish friends!).

Mendocino_SaladWe, unknowingly, both ordered the same thing just in two different forms. Mine was the Sophisticated Prosciutto & Free Range Chicken salad and hers was the Prosciutto & Free Range Chicken sandwich (great minds). They were delicious!

Mendocino_EatSignThis place is fun from the moment of entering with knowledgeable line hosts (you go through a line to order and then find a table) who answered all of our menu questions and took our food order. They then directed us to their no-limit free sides sample bar where you can try samples of any or all the side dishes they offer. Continuing down the line was the drink order, soup sample and finally the pay station.

Mendocino_BamThey even offer a wine or beer “bample”, although we passed (I’m not a huge wino — makes my lips pucker).

Mendocino_RoomMendocino Farms has established its place within my go-to Rolodex (hopefully you all still know what that is). The food is delicious, the staff is welcoming and, afterward, there are plenty of great stores to do some shopping.



4 thoughts on “Mendocino Farms, El Segundo — Yum!

  1. That salad looks yummy! I am so excited that there is a new Mendocino Farms only 4 blocks from me! Unfortunately, there is a donut shop next door…

    • Stay strong! Mendocino Farms is so delicious you may be too full for donuts. 🙂

    • I’m happy to join! This one is on the way to LAX if you are traveling out of there and need food first.

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