Lexington Cemetery — Wow, Beautiful!

LexCem_Road2It may sound a bit morbid at first, but if you are ever visiting Lexington, KY, you must go to the their cemetery. The place is a wonderland of beauty!

LexCem_SpireI have always found old time cemeteries where they have actual tombstones (instead of just plaques) fascinating. When I worked near a large (and beautiful) cemetery, I used to take my lunch and picnic over there under the shade of the trees. After eating, I would wander about reading the tombstones and imagine what life might have been like in their day. It is a very reflective and peaceful experience.

LexCem_signLexington Cemetery rivals some botanical gardens I have visited with its lakes and fountains and blooming trees to add color. Spring had just sprung when we were there so everything was starting to bloom. Here are a few of my favorite discoveries:

LexCem_JesusChrist raising him up.

LexCem_TreeGravesNice resting spot.

LexCem_WomanMasterful stone-carving work.


LexCem_pond3Lovely spot to reflect.

Lexington Cemetery is free to wander about and quite close to downtown. Have any of you visited here before? If so, what were your favorite finds? If not, put it on your “things to do” list.

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