The Los Angeles Flower Mart – Dazzling in Downtown!

FlowersOne of the definitions of the word flower means “the finest individuals out of a number of people or things”. Although I realize not everyone thinks of flowers as individuals, I disagree as I happen to talk with them, laugh with them and genuinely enjoy their company. Needing a fix of my colorful and sweet-smelling friends, I headed out to the Los Angeles Flower Mart in downtown LA.

Downtown Los Angeles is not as charming a city to wander as say, Helsinki, Finland, or Sydney, Australia, but the buildings do offer some interesting architectural detail if you keep your eyes looking upward, which I did as I drove to my destination.

Flowers_DTLAAfter navigating into a very narrow parking spot on the flower mart’s rooftop deck (don’t you agree that angled spots are much easier to maneuver than perpendicular spots?), I made my way toward the entrance. Feeling slightly giddy knowing hundreds of exotic — as well as practical — flowers were only two floors below me, I began thinking up poems such as “roses are red, violets are blue, in a matter of minutes, I will be amongst you!” (I feel my poetry professor twitching about now).

Rounding the last set of steps I came face-to-face with beauty.



My adventure had begun! I immersed myself in the thrill of wandering two warehouses full of flowers.

Flowers_OrangeFlowers_StalksFlowers_BushesThe prices here are better than you will find in florist shops and the selection is unparalleled. If you enjoy haggling with people, you can often get even better deals.

Flowers_SignThe Los Angeles Flower Mart is open Monday – Saturday with public hours from 8am- 2pm. The cost is $2.00 during the week and only $1.00 on Saturdays. Sitting here in my office with the sweet smell of flowers around me, I look forward to my next visit. Spaceman is complaining of a headache he says the strong smell is giving him. Perhaps I bought one too many bouquets? Nah!


4 thoughts on “The Los Angeles Flower Mart – Dazzling in Downtown!

    • I’m not sure of the names, but they smell lovely…no matter what Seppo says! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Amazing! It was always something I wanted to go to when I lived there… I’d heard going in the wee hours, when the fresh deliveries were being made was the best time… but I never made it. So many things I never did – even after living there 14 years. Dumb. ๐Ÿ™‚

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