Coffee to Go

Florida_CoffeeThere are certain priorities on roads trips and one relates to car drinks. We must have them.

My “go to” combo is a bottle of water and either an iced tea (first choice) or an iced mocha (first choice when going for a treat). Since Spaceman and I were on vacation when we found Curly’s Coffee Company, I decided to shake things up a bit more and have an iced chai tea (living large!).

We found out about this local’s spot on the Island of Marathon in the Florida Keys while at dinner the night before. Tucked behind a huge roadside sign, it is easily missed so keep alert as you don’t want to pass by this small (but mighty) coffee shop. It is both a drive-through and a walk-up window establishment. Spaceman appreciated the former option since it was raining when we arrived. Their drink selection is ample, and they have snack choices as well (always appreciated).

We ordered my iced chai tea and headed out toward Lantana (an enclave known to harbor Finns). Soon the caffeine would kick in (although chai has less caffeine than coffee) and help enhance my storytelling skills to Spaceman…ah, the joys of road trips!

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