On the Road to Yosemite, Mariposa, CA

Mariposa_SignLucky for me I have married a man who loves to follow the road less traveled. Spaceman has taken me down many a road I would not have seen without him and one such road led us to Mariposa, CA.

As I recall, he said something like, “Hey my ravishing wife, let’s take a trip to the quaint town of Mariposa. It’s on the road to Yosemite. We can stay at an adorable bed and breakfast and walk through town holding hands and gazing at one another.” or perhaps it was more like, “Want to head up toward Yosemite and stay in Mariposa? It looks like a good town to explore.” Either way, I knew what my sly Finn meant.

Off we went on our adventure and discovered a sleepy town that is a great alternative to the hectic crowds of Yosemite. Here are some places to stay and things to try in Mariposa…

Mariposa_B&BLodging: A few miles past the main strip, set back in the mountains is Poppy Hill Bed and Breakfast. A small field with horses backs up to the property and it is common to see wild turkeys and deer wander their grounds. The owners of the B&B are very accommodating, provide a tasty breakfast (as well as snacks throughout the day) and beds that are comfortable and inviting.

Mariposa_FoodFood: The spot to eat in Mariposa is Savoury’s. They are located on the main street, have a nice bar and offer delicious food in an upscale yet welcoming dining room.

Mariposa_Ice_CreamIce Cream: Tucked back slightly from the main street is the all important ice cream store, Yosemite Treats. Although they do not make their ice cream in-house, they import from a dairy farm who makes it farm fresh.

Mariposa_CoffeeCoffee: It is imperative that I find a coffee shop to grab an iced tea or iced mocha before hitting the road. I would not want to drowse too quickly in the car as this is prime time to share all of my thoughts with Spaceman (he loves this, I just haven’t stopped talking long enough for him to say so).  The Pony Expresso is the best one in town according to the locals and my iced mocha with whipped cream would support that claim.

Mariposa_TreeTown: It is great to simply walk up and down the small main street of Mariposa. Wander trough the little boutiques, take a tasting at the wine or olive oil store, and explore the many restaurant options. A park is at one end of town where concerts and movies are shown. There are also many trail heads to follow that lead away from town for hiking.

Mariposa is a good alternative, or addition, to a Yosemite trip. The crowds are less, the beauty is there and it quenches the desire to take the road less traveled. Have any of you ever visited Mariposa? If so, what was your favorite spot?

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