Ultimate Chess Game

Island_Choc_FrontVictoria-by-the-Sea, a little town along the southern shore of Prince Edward Island, Canada, is home to Island Chocolates. Each September during the Chocolate Festival the best and the brightest of chess players (or at least those who are brave enough to show up) come to test their skills against one another in hopes of winning the coveted prize — a handmade chocolate chess set and board. Only the winner can touch it. You can’t buy it or bribe your way to it. Skill is your only hope.

Island_Choc_ChessLocked tightly under glass inside the store sits the chocolate chess set and board. Its intricate designs and rich chocolatey anticipation all add to the excitement.

Island_Choc_InsideMy sister, dad and I stumbled upon this family owned establishment as we were touring PEI (that’s local for Prince Edward Island). I was having a craving for an iced mocha (with whipped cream) and, bingo, Island Chocolates appeared (after walking up and down a few streets, and only a few streets as that is all this town consists of). It seems we fell into a known entity by chocolate lovers. Their daily, handmade goods are in high demand. Delightfully, this shop is known by locals for their coffee and tea as well.

Island_Choc_MochaSipping my iced mocha (with whipped cream), I had the pleasure of following the owner around as she patiently answered my questions regarding such a unique event. My sister followed after us apologizing for my inquisitiveness, but I merrily continued. This place was just too good! Finally, my dad had cased the building by car one too many times for the locals’ liking. It was time for us to leave. I bid a fond farewell (actually I just said “bye”) and slipped in the back seat of our rental car — off to our next adventure!

Island_Choc_Cat                                                            (security patrol)



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