Rules Learned at Acadia National Park

Maine_CliffsThere is an etiquette to behavior in National Parks. Since I have an unusually high desire to have my passport book stamped by all the major National Parks, I took notes on my recent road trip through Acadia National Park with my siblings, dad and nephew (never too old for a family road trip, or are you?). Let me share some key points…

Maine_Hat_IslandRule #1 – Be adaptable: When your sister screams in the car, “Stop…NOW!”, do not freeze in terror but fight to hear over the ringing in your ears and pull over. Otherwise you may miss an incredible vista like the “cloud hats” rolling into place over the islands.

Maine_Vista_1Rule #2 – Be open: Although the beauty of the parks, and Acadia in particular, is mesmerizing pulling you into long forgotten memories then propelling you into future possibilities…

Maine_Hippiesthere is always a renegade group of hippies strumming a Simon and Garfunkel song to rip you back into the present…with their guitar case open for tips. It’s an odd spot for karaoke, but also curiously bonding.

Maine_Rock_BeachRule #3 – Be adventurous: Acadia has trails and roads that lead out in every direction. Somehow they all wind around to the same place eventually. Since you really cannot get lost, explore! There are vistas and berries and tremendous beauty to be discovered.

Maine_BerriesMaine_Vista_2Do you have a favorite National Park?

4 thoughts on “Rules Learned at Acadia National Park

  1. What do you recommend when you would like a moment of silence to enjoy the majestic beauty of the national park but one of your siblings is juiced up on caffeine?

    • That really isn’t a problem, it’s rather a joy…unless that sibling is also carrying an open suitcase for tips, then it is industrious! 😉

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