The Back Roads of Maine

Maine_WarehouseSo it was for me the summer I discovered the back roads of Maine.

It began as a sojourn with my family to see where my middle brother plans to divide his time half the year. That it is the farthest state in the contiguous United States from the sunny shores of California where the rest of us reside is in no way a reflection of his feelings toward us I am sure. We are a charming bunch, just ask us — we’ll tell you.

Never having been farther than Kennebunkport, Maine, I was excited to explore this state and its vast open land. My only other experience of New England was when I contracted Lyme’s disease roaming the fields of New Hampshire (luckily it was caught somewhat early so a PICC line and round of antibiotics did the trick). Yes, I do still love New Hampshire, but Maine was new territory…and it did not disappoint.

Let me take you through the back roads of Maine,

Maine_Farm_StandThis is a little road side shed where you can get milk and a few refrigerated things, just be sure to sign your name and leave the proper amount of money in the basket.

Maine_VegetablesWhy not pick up some vegetables at the stand a little farther down the road too?

Maine_FlowersFlowers are always nice and, if you don’t pass a farm on your stretch of the road (like this one), the wild flowers are plentiful.

Maine_Fishing_HoleTop off your day with a cool down at one of the many streams that twist through the lush landscape. This one happens to be a favorite fishing hole as well.

Maine is a beautiful “breath” from the hustle of California living. Do you have a favorite spot along the back roads of Maine?


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