Top 3 Best Things about The Royal Hawaiian Hotel

Royal_Hawaiian_FrontThere is only one state where you will find an actual palace built for real royalty in the United States, do you know which one? Yes, Hawaii! Do you know who the first registered guest of the famed Royal Hawaiian Hotel was? Yes, Princess Abigail Kawananakoa, the would be queen of the Kingdom of Hawaii (if its monarchy survived). Today the “Pink Palace” (her nickname) is home to a variety of luxury seekers as they explore the island-paradise of Oahu.

The Pink Palace is a gem in the Pacific Ocean. Built (roughly) in an H shape to catch the trade winds, this hotel has held its status as a top luxury destination since its start. Here are my Top 3 Best Things about The Royal Hawaiian Hotel:

Hawaii_Lighthouse_Peak#1 It is in Hawaii. Located on the island of Oahu and centrally located to Honolulu and Waikiki Beach, you experience both the city action of a state capital and the escapism to peace and tranquility that is uniquely Hawaii.

Royal_Hawaiian_Diamond_Head#2 It is home to the Mai Tai Bar. Here you can enjoy the original Mai Tai drink while overlooking Diamond Head, enjoying a tropical sunset and maybe even catching a luau performed on the grassy area next to the bar.

Royal_Hawaiian_Corridor#3 It is old school elegance. Although it is in the middle of Honolulu, it sits back behind the rush of the main street, surrounded by private gardens in a sort of hidden oasis. The hotel is filled with exquisite flowers and art work, and the welcoming trade winds blow through the open air main floor, drawing you back to days gone by.

Royal_Hawaiian_FlowersHawaii has long held a love affair with me, my grandparents, and my parents who honeymooned here at The Royal Hawaiian. However, do you know which president made the Pink Palace his Western White House? That would be FDR — kudos to you, Mr. President, and much aloha!

Do you have any “favorites” about the Royal Hawaiian Hotel?


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  1. I don’t know what inspired the pinkness of this hotel, but I am a fan! And I don’t even like pink.

  2. Such FUN information!!!!!! Can’t wait to step foot into this amazing hotel in the near future!!!

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