Acadia National Park + Maps

Acadia_NPI have come to notice that the men in my life have an unusual fascination with maps. This came into sharp focus as we explored Acadia National Park.

As most people were enjoying the lovely views and topography of the environment, my group of men were huddled around a map placard looking slightly dazed. Was this from a) confusion, b) excited expectation or c) unabashed adoration?

Acadia_NP_MapstersWe could not be lost because the road makes a loop around the whole park thereby nullifying this problem. However, there are some “detours” that can be taken to explore various byways. That must be what they are mapping out. Aha, they are really brilliant detectives sleuthing out our next adventure…yay, men, carry on!

9 thoughts on “Acadia National Park + Maps

  1. “Mapping out” – I think you’ve coined a new phrase! My Dad used to map out all the time – we had many “bonding” moments in front of his Thomas Guide…

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