Mai Tai Drinker, or Not?

Mai_Tai_DrinkSome people can drink and some people, well, can’t. My husband (beloved Spaceman) hopelessly falls into the latter category. He swears he is better at handling a drink (as in one drink because more than one is risky…for everyone!) when he has had food. Um, really? I’d like to present exhibit A: my birthday celebration at the Mai Tai Bar at The Royal Hawaiian in Waikiki, Hawaii, and let you decide: Mai Tai drinker, or not?

Mai_Tai_Beach_2Like pretty much every day we were in Hawaii, it was beautiful. I spent the daytime solo and indulging myself with the spots, treats and views I loved waiting until Spaceman returned that evening from his conference.

We had reservations at the Royal Hawaiian’s Azure Restaurant and stopped at their famous Mai Tai Bar prior for a sunset drink and celebration kick-off. We settled into our seats (perfect view of the ocean and the neighboring luau) and ordered the house drinks. I was high on life and love. Unbeknownst to me, my love had not eaten anything since lunch — many hours earlier.

Mai_Tai_DessertNot being much of a drinker myself, I delighted in the tropical fruit punch taste (not too sweet and not too sour) of their signature cocktail. I turned to gaze at my love and quickly realized, he is tipsy…from half a drink! He promptly confirmed my hunch using his Finnish economy of words stating, “I’m drunk!” From there he went into his full stoic Nordic behavior slightly fringed by alcohol, trying not to brake anything, all while resting his head on the table. I would say he was a cheap date, but those drinks were not cheap (I saw the bill)!

This brings me back to my original statement: some people can drink and some people, well, can’t. Would you agree? Good thing he is so cute — even with “Mai Tai eyes”!



6 thoughts on “Mai Tai Drinker, or Not?

  1. LOL!! That sweet Finnish man looks three sheets to the Nordic wind. I hope he didn’t have a 1/2-glass hangover the next day! ;o)

  2. Lol I am just like the spaceman. Couple sips and I’m done. Thanks for sharing this funny story.

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