Back in Town!

me&seppoengagefixWell, hello! I am back in town and hoping you remember me. The past month has been a whirlwind filled with all sorts of new adventures. Here’s a quick peek at some of the things I have been doing:

  • Celebrating my birthday with Spaceman where my parent’s celebrated their honeymoon many years ago.
  • Cruising Oahu with my love and being thankful the island is hard to get lost on as I stink at navigation.
  • Sampling ice cream at the number one ranked ice cream store in the world according to Tauck Tours (and I must say it was gooood!).
  • Getting my passport stamped at another US National Park.
  • “Breathing In and Breathing Out” with family around a campfire as we watched for shooting stars.

I will share more about these stories once I have had time to catch my breath and do a little laundry.

Some exciting news, while I was away I was highlighted by The Blogger Collective as the Blogger Babe of the Week…very cool! Check out my story:

Blogger Babe of the Week: Sharon of Foreign Escapades


4 thoughts on “Back in Town!

  1. I am laughing so hard at your ode to ice cream on Blogger Collective. OF COURSE you would find the number one ranked ice cream store *in the world*! By the way, Blogger Babe indeed – nice photo on your write-up! ;o)

  2. That picture of you is adorable! Hockey fans extraordinaire! Congrats on being highlighted by Blogger Babe!! Your bio is so much fun!

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