Sierra Madre, Hello 1950’s!

Sierra_Madre_CowOn a rather average Saturday afternoon, Spaceman and I took a trip down highway 210 and exited to Sierra Madre, hello 1950’s! I have mentioned this town in a previous post here, but it is worth a more in-depth exploration as 2015 has been a tough start and I wanted to turn back the clock for a moment to when things sounded better…and I heard there was a good ice cream shop there.

The town didn’t disappoint. There were signs for an upcoming local 4th of July picnic for all to join, banners told of an earlier in the day shindig at the fire station, and people strolled…that’s right, they strolled! This all leads me to say again, Sierra Madre, hello 1950’s!

Places you must visit are (shockingly heavy on food suggestions again, hmmm):

Sierra_Madre_PH1. The Sierra Madre Playhouse — Here you can catch some well know plays and musicals performed by local actors. “Local Actors” often sends people running screaming from their seats, but Sierra Madre is very close to Hollywood so there is a higher level talent pool to pull from than most local theater company’s have.

Sierra_Madre_Corfu2. Corfu Restaurant — I would have included a picture of our shared meal, but I (once again) got too excited at the sight of their food that I didn’t remember to take pictures until Spaceman mentioned it as I was licking my lips from my last bite of hummus.

Sierra_Madre_Coffee3. Bean Town Coffee House and Bakery — I have a slight addiction (isn’t that a oxymoron) to iced tea so we made a stop in here to “feed the beast” and it delivered. I also felt very hip and part of the town as it seemed that the clientele was mostly locals.

Sierra_Madre_IC4. Mother Moo Creamery — I had heard of this place for a long time but had never made the drive over. The store itself is really cute, but they didn’t have any strawberry ice cream which hit me hard. The choices they did have were a bit too funky for me (I don’t like herbs in my ice cream thank you) so I went with a frozen banana. However, Spaceman had a scoop of black licorice tasting ice cream. He was in heaven, but I almost spat out my taster as I hate black licorice (the clerk looked a little frightened by my reaction). Who knew anise tastes like black licorice?

All in all, Sierra Madre was a wonderful respite. However, I quickly jumped back into reality as I “helped” Spaceman drive back home by pumping my passenger side brakes and letting him know when I saw any dangerous driving conditions coming up. Ah, I love married life!

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  1. Fabulous story! I had no idea that Sierra Madre was so quaint! I just added it to my bucket list!!! Very fun!

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